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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Brody From LA To Miami

Brody has been all over recently, from LA restaurants to Miami for the Super Bowl.  In the photo above, Brody arrived home to LAX airport from Miami following Super Bowl weekend, February 9, wearing two pieces of clothes he’s grown fond of- his sweater and his Los Angeles hat.

Before heading to the airport, Brody was spotted leaving the Eden Roc Hotel.

But while in Miami, Brody did more than just go to a football game.  He also attended the 2010 Maxim Party at the Raleigh on February 6.

Brody and Frankie also showed that boys will be boys as they played around at the Celebrity Beach Bowl at the W Hotel in South Beach, Florida, on February 6.  Brody is representing the New Orleans Saints in honor of Reggie Bush‘s first Super Bowl appearance, but simultaneously maintains his LA with his favorite hat.

In LA before the Saints made it to the Super Bowl and made the game a Kardashian-Jenner event, Brody hit his normal LA hotspot eateries.  February 4, Brody was spotted leaving the delicious Koi restaurant.

Last month, January 28, Brody was photographed leaving Katsuya, another great LA restaurant and a Brody favorite.  This marked the beginning of Brody’s love affair with this version of the “Los Angeles” hat.

Photo credits: Zimbio

Jayde’s Color

Laguna Lovers

We’re now convinced that white is Jayde‘s color.  The last few times we’ve seen her in white she’s looked absolutely great.  This dress is no different.  Jayde wore this to club Voyeur a few weeks ago, January 14.

Heidi Comes Out Of Heiding!!

Gossip Center

Heidi Montag chose Vegas to debut her new face in public for the first time, Saturday February 13.  In true Heidi fashion, the reveal of her new face publicly came with a price that the club in Caesar’s Palace was willing to pay for Heidi to host an event there.

The good news is Heidi’s face looks better than it did when we initially saw the results of her ten procedures.

The bad news is her lips look like they hurt.

And, her face looks frozen at 23.  Sadly, it now looks like no amount of “healing” or time will ever bring back the Heidi that once had a cute, youthful, and innocent face with a personality.

Jayde and Jessica Playmate Partying

Gossip Center

Jayde Nicole and Jessica Hall teamed up to host an event at the G Lounge in Philadelphia sponsored by Playboy Energy Drink and Azunia Tequila.  The ladies helped the club celebrate it’s two year anniversary, last night, February 13, and they did it in their pajamas.

Jayde and Jessica both appropriately wore red ahead of the Valentine’s holiday.  They greeted fans and signed autographs all in their lingerie.

We all know Jayde and her connection to theHills, but Jessica has one as well.  Her sister is Stacie “the bartender” Hall. In Hollywood more and more people are coming within 6 degrees of theHills.  Jessica looks like she has fun just like her sister.

Lauren Book Signing: Orlando

Laguna Lovers

Last week, Lauren went to Orlando Florida to sign copies of her Sweet Little Lies book for her fans, February 9 at Borders.

Click here to see Lauren’s remaining book signing events.

Fashion Freak Out

“Kell on Earth: Season 1: Episode 2: “The Show Must Go On”

Kelly and crew tried to pick up the pieces left by the computer glitch that caused their client’s seating chart to get all screwed up.  Without the seating charts, it made it impossible to know who was supposed to sit in the ever important front row, or to even know who was invited!

The show was crashed by hundreds of crashers which made matters worse, and made People’s Rev look unprofessional and caused intermittent freak outs.  But being the consummate professionals they are, they ultimately pulled it off.  The client Ralph Rucci‘s line, Chado Ralph Rucci, looked amazing on the runway.  Afterward, the buzz was that the show was the best of the week.  But when someone came up to Kelly telling her a lot of people were unhappy, Kelly went into power woman mode and made Bravo turn off the cameras.  And they did!  Despite the good reviews, Ralph ultimately felt The Revolution was unprofessional with all their computer problems and fired them.

Meanwhile, the Stephanies reminded us of Stephanie Pratt‘s attempt to work at The Revolution.  Kelly’s former assistant Stefanie Skinner was all freaked out because this was her first fashion week in her promoted position.  The chaos caused Stephanie to cry, although she didn’t go outside.  The main source of her worries was the incompetent Stephanie Voorhies.  The new employee had several of her own freak outs and failed on simple tasks.  But unlike Stephanie Pratt whose mistakes cost the company less, Stephanie Voorhies is not an intern but was getting paid for these mistakes.

Speaking of interns, Voorhies failed to adequately give the interns their tasks, causing The Rev to question whether she can make it in the industry.  So, without much direction, the interns created ugly white bags with chicken scratch handwriting that were supposed to be given to press at an event.  Kelly seethed.  No recap will do so watch what happened below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Kell on Earth -Fun Fashion Freak Out “, posted with vodpod

Luckily, The Revolution picked up the pieces and threw a wonderful live showing for their other client . Where Ralph didn’t appreciate how they handled adversity, Ali Fatourechi, creative director of Genetic Denim, loved how Kelly took control after one model had to be wheeled away to an ambulance at his off site live showing.  After all, even though the model passed out, the show went on.  The model even returned to his live modeling!  But most impressive is how Kelly asked the ambulance to turn off their lights, and ushered the police out because they were ruining the aesthetic of the fashion show!

Do you feel like you could be a fashion publicist?

Best Quotes from Episode 2:

“This is not the time to have a nervous breakdown.” – Kelly keeps her cool

“I’m not really having so much fun…” – Stephanie Vorhies, evaluating the “perks” of the fashion world

“To me this dress screams, ‘I am happy to be back at school!'” – Kelly, helping her daughter get ready

“Do you mind turning your lights off? We’re having a fashion show and everyone thinks it’s a disaster. Thank you.” – Kelly takes control of the model situation

“This is f-cking war…” – Kelly after seeing the interns’ job not-so-well done

“I’m trying to become a warrior!” – Stefanie Skinner tries to keep it together

“If you wanna come and learn from me and be in my office then you have to pay $10,000 dollars” – Kelly considers a new intern policy!

“If you’re not invited, don’t come to this line! Pack it up, guys. We’re done.” –  Emily aka The Slayer

Stephanie Saunters to Spago

Laguna Lovers

After her hosting duties at PURE in Las Vegas, Stephanie, in this Alexander Wang dress, went to Wolfgang Puck‘s Spago Restaurant, February 3.

Jayde’s Little Black Dresses

Laguna Lovers

A few months ago, Jayde played host at two Little Black Dress Parties.  One was hosted at Shrine, where Jayde partied with Alan Thicke.  Now, we’ve obtained photos of Jayde hosting the second party at The Estate back on November 11 of last year.  We like this little black dress better than the Shrine dress.  Jayde looks very cute here.

Random Olivia Shots

Fashion Spot/Flickr

While it’s true that we’re currently getting more shots of Olivia than normal since she’s a big Fashion Week participant, a little more couldn’t hurt.  So here’s some random flicks of Ms. Fashionista to brighten up your Sunday, and quite possibly inspire your wardrobe for the week.

Stephanie Loves The Animals

Gossip Center/Getty

Stephanie Pratt showed her love for animals at the VIP Launch Party for the Animal Wellness Center in Santa Monica, Thursday, February 11.

Stephanie wore a belted flower dress, similar to the look Lauren wore to a book signing last week.  Steph paired the look with gray peep toe shoes she affectionately referred to as space shoes.  “I’m wearing some crazy/space shoes to the opening of a new Animal Wellness Center tonight- thoughts?” followed by, “I love animals so much I want to adopt them all and live on a ranch in North Carolina!”


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