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Roxy Olin’s Role on “Brothers and Sisters” is Increasing

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Roxy Olin appeared on the hit ABC sitcom Brothers and Sisters as a guest star before making her splash into reality TV. Now, Roxy’s making sure not to let her reality TV job interfere with her acting one.

Even though Brothers and Sisters is filmed in Los Angeles, Roxy gladly makes the trip. She’s appeared on the past two weeks of the show as the ex-girlfriend of now openly gay Chad Berry (played by Jason Lewis), and will be appearing more frequently going forward.

“You are going to see me more [on ‘B & S’],” she told MTV News during a recent office visit. “I don’t even know how much more … but I’ll be in the next episode, and then not for a little bit, and then I come back again.”

Roxy‘s character Michelle was just offered the chance to be the surrogate of her ex-boyfriend Chad and his partner’s unborn child, a pretty important role to be sure. So will we see Roxy with a baby bump?

“The part that I’m playing on ‘Brothers & Sisters,’ it’s going to be a a challenge for me to be doing [‘The City’] at the same time,” she admitted. “I was joking with Whitney that I should walk around the city with a huge belly and see what people do.”

Roxy was presented with the opportunity to come back to the show while she was still filming theCity. The fact that her dad produces the show couldn’t have hurt. Although, Roxy is not a bad actress. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- she’s the most talented actress out of the whole Hills-City franchise. She’s also good at juggling her projects and likes having a busy life and working hard.

“One time I had a 6am call [for ‘B & S’] in L.A. after filming till 11 in New York.,” Roxy recalled. “The next day, I had to take the red-eye back to New York after filming three scenes in L.A. So it was definitely hectic. But I liked that … I’ve never worked this hard in my whole life, so I’m like, alright bring it!”

We guess theCity characters work hard on the show and in real life. A huge contrast to that other show out west.

Have you seen Roxy on Brothers and Sisters?

One response to “Roxy Olin’s Role on “Brothers and Sisters” is Increasing

  1. K November 3, 2009 at 9:58 am

    I love Roxy!!! She was great on Brothers and Sisters!

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