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Roxy Says Spencer is Responsible for Her Being on “theCity”

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Roxy Olin was on It’s on with Alexa Chung yesterday.  Alexa introduced her as someone who has known Spencer Pratt before he became what he is today.  What an unfortunate thing to have attached to your name.

Roxy wore a cute black v-neck Michael Kors jumpsuit to the show.  Her best friend works at Michael Kors so “she hooked it up”.  Let’s get this straight.  Roxy “works” at People’s Revolution, her parents are TV stars, she’s a reality star and her other friend works at Michael Kors.  Do the connections ever end with this girl?

Roxy tells how she got involved with theCity saying she knew a lot of people on theHills before this all started.  She was actually at Spencer and Heidi‘s wedding when Spencer pushed the producers to get her on the show.  Sounds a little different than Stephanie’s version that says she pushed the producers to get Roxy on the show.  This drama is the real reality show, folks.

Speaking of Spencer, he’s the exact same as he was in high school according to Roxy.  They went to Mexico a long time ago and Spencer purported to enter her into a “dance” competition.  Roxy went for it, then noticed all the girls were in white shirts.  Spencer had everyone screaming Roxy’s number.  As she started dancing a bucket of water fell on her and she realized she was in a wet t-shirt contest.   Roxy placed second or so and Spencer got $300 out of it.  We don’t understand why she didn’t make Spencer pay her. Perhaps she wasn’t as forward as she is now.

She also says it’s fun living with Whitney but Whitney goes to bed much earlier than she does, and wakes up at six.  Roxy‘s a night owl.  What was not fun was watching the first episode of theCity with Whitney’s parents.  You know, the one where she bad mouthed their daughter?

After the break, Roxy plays truth or dare with Alexa.  She’s dared to dance.  Check it out, clip above.

2 responses to “Roxy Says Spencer is Responsible for Her Being on “theCity”

  1. bubsy October 28, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    usually if you have a couple connections you have a bunch.

  2. Emmily October 29, 2009 at 11:49 am

    WHAT?! Spencer took the money out of her being in a wet t-shirt -competition?!
    I don’t even know who’s side to be on, this is all so hilarious! 😀

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