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Whitney Could’ve Become Mrs. Fackelmayer!

“TheCity” Season 1: Part 2: Episode 4: “Meet the Fackelmayers”

It’s Wednesday. Recap, shall we?

This week we finally get to start with the star of the show. Whitney meets up with Sami who takes on a surprisingly large role in this episode. The girls go shopping for shoes and automatically every girl wishes they could transplant themselves through the TV into Whitney and Sami’s shoes. Sami invites Whitney to an event for a photographer who published a book on lifeguards. That sounds not exciting at all. But Whitney thinks so. Sami further entices her saying the lifeguards will be cute. There’s a well in the store, so Whitney wishes for cute guys at the lifeguard party.

We move over to ELLE, where Erin and Joe Zee have a briefing as they do at the beginning of each episode. Only this time Erin’s first priority isn’t to bash Olivia. That is, until Joe suggests that they invite Olivia to a party they’re having. Erin disagrees, as usual, but TV Joe Zee wants the cameras there! He obviously gets his way.


Olivia walks in to Erin and Joe’s meeting with a Paris Hilton swagger minus the arch in the back; hair perfectly coiled. When invited to the party she’s thrilled to be included. Erin says she’ll show Olivia around. Didn’t she learn the first time that Olivia knows everything and everyone?

Next we finally leave the confines of work to attend the exhilarating lifeguard party. There, Whitney invites Sami to yet another party. TheCity is getting wild, partying everyday! Allie Crandell, the girl who had an interesting main role on the show last season but was inexplicably snatched from the cast this season, invited Whitney to a barbecue party her boyfriend Adam was having. It’s great to see they’re still together after the drama they went through last season. But, wait, isn’t Adam roommates with Whitney’s ex, Jay? No problem, Jay’s out of town. But Whitney, being the nice person she is actually considers her ex-boyfriend’s feelings though he won’t even be at the party. Then, Sami asks Whit if Roxy’s upset she wasn’t invited to the lifeguard party, Whitney says no because she went out with Zack.

ROXY, ZACH  grab

In the next scene Roxy is indeed with Zack, who may or may not be her boyfriend. We thought he was the guy Whitney said Roxy moved to New York for, but MTV just tagged him as “her date”. And we all know that MTV forces the “boyfriend” label on people way ahead of time, when they’re still only in stage one. So a couple they must not be. Roxy tells Zack she was bothered that Sami never invited her anywhere. Foxy Roxy has a heart after all.

WHITNEY 2 grab

Back at the lifeguard party where Whitney spies some cute guys with her little ole’ eyes. And oh my gosh, wouldn’t you know, Sami knows them. Well she knows Harry Fackelmayer’s brother, Freddie Frackelmayer. Can we talk about their name? Are they any kin to the Fockers? The brother who is present at the party, Harry, is a mere 21, but they invite him to bring Freddie to Allie‘s barbecue the next night. Bringing a new guy to your old boyfriend’s place! Scandal!

roxy grab

We finally go back to work, where Roxy, looking very cute in an up-do and a red pout, convinces Whitney to forget about Jay and go to Allie and Adam‘s party. This is one time we agree with Roxy’s advice. Kelly walks in and asks one of them to stay and work on a proposal for Bluefly (shoutout to them, 1 of our fav websites!). Roxy volunteers telling Kelly, “I’ll stay because Whitney has a barbecue with some boys”. You know how no one could figure out why Whitney thought Roxy was a good friend? Well I guess this move taking one for the team, was a friendly one. Point for Roxy. Kelly is nosy and wants to know whose party it is since Roxy blurted out Whitney’s business. Just that quickly Roxy loses the point we gave her for not allowing Whit to talk for herself. When Whitney says it’s at Jay’s house, Kelly shakes her head in disbelief but tells her to have the new guy pee in Jay’s bathroom to mark his territory.

oliv grab

Then Olivia swaggers into the ELLE party and Erin shoots her a few glares. The kind where she’s halfway rolling her eyes, and halfway looking to see if people will hate Olivia like she does. Naturally they don’t. Olivia already knows half of the who’s who at the party anyway. Joe would say “Olivia meet Kate” and Olivia replies “I know Kate”. Joe says Olivia knows everyone so she has to introduce him. Olivia bashfully says it’s not true. But it is. Erin sulks her way out of the party, unable to handle Olivia being the star of the show party.

Finally we make our way to Adam and Allie‘s party with the Fackelmayers. Adam tells Whitney she’s welcomed there “no matter what”. Even if your best friend/roommate is bothered by it? Take that Jay. Whitney and Sami talk about how hot Freddie Frackelmayer is, saying he’s “obviously hotter” than his 21 year old brother, Harry. At the same time, the Frackelmayers talk about how cute Whitney is. It seems like Harry, the 21 year old, is really vibing with Whitney.

After the break, Roxy wears some more sketch pants all cutout on the sides. They’re not terrible, but they’re definitely eye catching and maybe not in a good way. Whitney tells Roxy about Freddie and how he’s perfect on paper. She actually thinks Harry is cuter (he’s not, at all), but he’s too young. Whitney doesn’t want to rob the cradle. But she thinks Sami has a thing for Freddie, probably because she talked about how cute he was for two days in a row. That’s also probably why Sami didn’t want more competition if she had invited Roxy.

OLIVIA 3 grab

Then we head to ELLE headquarters with Erin asking Olivia about the party. Olivia said she knew all the designers and Erin finally finds something she can scold Olivia on. She asks where their exclusives are since she knew everyone so well. Olivia countered that she has to see what they have first, obviously the party wasn’t the place for that. Tell that to the judge. Erin says it’s not just about “air kissing and having a glass of champagne”. We can totally see Olivia as an air kisser. Additionally, Erin asks Olivia not to “have such an attitude” with her, and Olivia takes her and her attitude and leaves. Telling Olivia not to have an attitude is like telling her not to breathe. Didn’t go so well for Erin.

FREDDIE 3 grab

We end with Whitney. She actually began and ended the episode! She goes to dinner with Freddie Fackelmayer. They look awesome together, too bad we know it didn’t work. Whitney actually passed up the chance to possibly, potentially, one day, become Mrs. Fackelmayer?! Whitney is very flirty playing with her hair and doing the head tilt and frequent blinking. She asks Freddie if he’s sure he doesn’t have anything with Sami. He issues a non-denial saying “I’m here with you, right?” Then, stare, stare, stare back, camera pan, fade out.

4 responses to “Whitney Could’ve Become Mrs. Fackelmayer!

  1. Liz October 21, 2009 at 7:40 am

    Why Mrs. Fackelmayer?! Where does it ever say that he proposed?

    • Entertain me October 21, 2009 at 8:04 am

      He didn’t. The whole article was a play on the name “Fackelmeyer”, just like MTV called the episode “meet the fockers” the movie about a couple meeting parents with a weird name. The idea is that you can’t take the last name if you break up. So whit lost the opportunity to be Mrs. Fackelmeyer when they stopped dating. That’s my take.

  2. Leila October 22, 2009 at 4:41 am

    Can someone please tell me what’s up with the left side of Erin’s(Olivia’s co-workers)face???It’s really bugging me!

  3. gossip January 12, 2010 at 8:26 am


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