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Jayde Nicole on Audrina, Brody, Heidi and More

jayde nicole steppin out cover

In the September Issue of Steppin’ Out Magazine, Jayde Nicole opens up about her fellow cast members.

Of course, we all saw the drama that went down in the last episodes of theHills Season 4 when Audrina was trying to hook up with Brody in Hawaii. Unfortunately, Jayde never really let that incident go and still holds a grudge against her. Jayde says:

“I really don’t like her. Brody is Lauren‘s (Conrad) ex and she’s supposed to be Lauren’s friend, but she still tried to hook up with Brody right in front of her. She knows I’m in love with Brody but she still went ahead and tried to hook up with him. I have a real problem with her. A lot of girls try to flirt with Brody, but he’s good about it. But if I saw Audriana trying to hook up with him again, there would definitely be a scene. I don’t know if I would physically fight her. But there would definitely be some loud words and some thrown drinks towards her.”

And we thought Brody was the violent one. In this interview, Jayde also admits that when she first met her boyfriend Brody, she thought he was a big player and a jerk. However, now it seems she feels the exact opposite. Jayde even says

“If Brody asked me to marry him today I would say yes.”

Being a playmate herself, Jayde had her own opinion on Heidi’s Playboy spread. She actually really liked it and said that it was very well done. However, Jayde was surprised that Playboy let Heidi get away with a non-nude shoot and says that perhaps Playboy is getting more conservative.

To read more of Jayde’s interview, click here.

5 responses to “Jayde Nicole on Audrina, Brody, Heidi and More

  1. Katya September 3, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Did anyone actually expect more from her? Jayde is proof that age is not an indicator of maturity. I have to laugh at her tough girl persona. She seems to like the idea of throwing drinks at people.
    She was easily the worst Playmate of the Year. The new POY is very pretty, though.

    • realist September 8, 2009 at 11:39 am

      Hmmm, doesn’t the timing on this seem a little odd? Because the Hills is beginning in a couple weeks, could the interview possibly be promotion for the show? Because Audrina has Cory and Jayde has Brody. Oh yeah, and the Hills is quite fake, so would it be that surprising to take anything, no matter how small and turn it into a storyline?

      Eg. Audrina has Cory but isn’t ready to see JB with Kristen. Well, we all know the whole Kristen JB thing is not true. It’s just for the show.

      Eg. Brody and Jayde are happy, but will Kristen cause them to break apart? Ok, Jayde and Kristen have both mentioned they like each other, have fun filming, etc. So, Kristen trying to get in between Jayde and Brody is also, a lie.

      But if you want to believe everything, you’ll believe that Audrina hit on Brody, and was a inconsiderate rude bitch when she crashed the BBQ which was for Jayde’s birthday and then to show up later that same night to MyHouse because Audrina really wanted to celebrate Jayde’s b-day,(ha) or just to piss her off, again. Because Aud is a jealous petty girl whose only real friend is her sister (because she knows she has no competition for men with her sister). Oh, that, I believe.

  2. anya September 4, 2009 at 12:21 am

    Well, Audrina has never been too nice to her. If someone got in your boyfriends bed and even though they were friends and just passed out, I don’t think you’d be very happy. Especially if you didn’t know the girl very well and she didn’t make any sort of sincere effort to apologize. Audrina said she’d start a war, didn’t care about Jayde’s feelings. Audrina thought that she should be more important to Brody than Jayde. But Brody wasn’t too happy about how Audrina treated Lauren, especially with accusing her of having sex with Justin. So I’m sure Jayde didn’t have a very good opinion of Audrina to begin with.

  3. alexandra September 19, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    Regardless of the he said she said, or he did she did, Jayde is absolutely gorgeous! That cover is stunning! I follow her tweets and it is OBVIOUS that Jayde and Brody are really in love. I can’t wait to watch her on the Hills (even if it is not ‘reality’), she makes me laugh.

  4. AMY BLUE September 23, 2009 at 1:39 pm


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