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The City: Episode 5: “Boys Night Out”

Last night’s episode of The City was more everyone else, less Whitney.  Luckily for Whitney her relationship drama was not at the forefront of the main controversy in the episode.

Episode 5 centers around (Jay Lyon‘s best friend) Adam Senn‘s girlfriend Allie who happened to go out of town for a modeling gig. MTV sets the scene for the controversy when Whitney and Jay meet up with Adam and Allie for  a double date.  On the date, Whitney and Allie get all friendlyish and since Allie is “constantly on a plane”, seemingly already knowing her boyfriend is a screw up she tells Whitney she “better keep an eye on him while [she’s] gone”.

When Allie leaves town, Adam along with Jay and some other female hungry friends hit a club to celebrate his freedom from his live-in girlfriend.  Once they get there they run into Whitney’s “friend” Samantha (or at least that’s what the line under name says on the show).

You would think this may be a red flag to Jay and his friends.  But nope nope nope.  The guys chit chat with Samantha and her friend and some how (MTV didn’t show this part) Adam ends up kissing one of the girls at 8am that morning.

Whitney grabs a bit to eat with Erin, and Samantha when Samantha gets a text message from a friend telling her that Adam made out with her friend “Kat”.  Whitney takes her vow to keep an eye on Adam seriously.  When she meets up with Jay she tells him about the rumor circulating that Adam couldn’t keep his hands to himself on their “boys night out”.

Jay doesn’t know what happened because he apparently went home some time before 8am like a good boy.  But Jay does advice his buddy Adam to confront Allie about the gossip before she hears it from Whitney.

Adam heeds Jay’s advice and barely lets Allie get in the car and get out an “I love you” before he tells her that some girl made up a lie about him.  Allie finds it weird that some girl would make up a random lie about him, as we all do.  But wow was Adam ever a bad bad bad liar.  He didn’t sound convincing at alllll.  But after Allie met up with Erin, Whitney, and Samantha to get down to the real story, she called Adam to come talk to her.  In the middle of the New York street the couple discuss why everytime Allie goes out of time Adam has to have drunken nights and hang out with random girls he doesn’t know.

To this Adam basically replied “I don’t know”, “I’m sorry honey”, “I love you”, “I don’t mean to”.  Then they kiss, cry and make-up.  To be fair to Allie, Adam was considerable better at apologizing this time.

In other City drama, Olivia‘s cousin Nevan is starting to show his true colors on camera.  He’s broke, lazy, and extremely dependent on his parents who are ready to cut him off.  Olivia let’s him stay at her house but tells him to get a job to which he replies “yeah right”.  Oh and he wears disgusting shoes.  This is a case of the bummy family members similar to Spencer’s bummy stay at his sister Stephanie’s house.  Hopefully this story turns out better.

One response to “The City: Episode 5: “Boys Night Out”

  1. Tara January 22, 2009 at 7:46 am

    This episode wasn’t so bad. Stuff actually happened…a little

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