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Rumor: Audrina is Involved with Bad People & Bad Activities


The person who wrote this article, that has a section featuring Audrina, either has a vivid imagination, or knows some shady Hollywood people. We’re only posting this to let you know whats circulating out there.  We don’t think Audrina is a druggy, but this Romi girl definitely seems suspect.  Beyond that…you be the judge:

This report may be seriously damaging and could ruin some friendships with good people, but in the end, those people will be happy they know the truth. Morality and ethics and respect amongst our neighbors, is that not what separates us as human beings from animals?

Everything you are about to read in this article is the honest truth as told from the mouth of what our current culture would term a “D-LIST” publicist. All accounts have been verified from multiple angles, and all connections and maps of connections between all mentioned parties weave the story together like a constellation of stars in the sky.

Romina “Romi” Maggorno was employed at the Entertainment Fusion Group. Initially hired as a personal publicist to help communicate approved client information to the public, Romi worked on events for EA Sports, VMA Gifting Suites, and several other various parties and product launches. Romi was put in direct contact with celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Jessica and Ashley Simpson, Gabe Saporta and Pete Wentz. Lasting only a few short months in her position, Romi was eventually fired from Entertainment Fusion Group in late 2007 for many infractions including the theft of an XBOX meant for a corporate client. Maggorno had also caused an infraction at the 2007 MTV VMA’s after engaging in sexual intercourse with Gabe Saporta, front man for the group Cobra Starship and Midtown.

As Romi sniffed a line of coke and drank a diet Pepsi, she recounted events that you will not want to believe.

She started to call out names like Travis McCoy, a “label-mate” of Gabes, who fronts the group Gym Class Heroes. What would Travis’s girlfriend Katy Perry think of this?

Maggorno claimed it was in revenge, and said, “Katy had earlier been sexually involved with Romi’s ex-boyfriend Matt,” who is the son of a guitar player in the 1970’s rock band America.

Romi claimed that recently, she’s been the mistress of Josh Todd from Buckcherry. Furthermore, she painted the image that she and Todd were in “love” and that Todd “was going to leave his wife to be with her.” In order to test her, I said, “I don’t believe you, stop lying Romi.” And more than anything I wanted to finally be able to reconfirm my worst fears about just how bad things were getting in this town behind the scenes.

Romi showed me pictures and allowed me to listen to taped phone conversations. Among the several tapes, numerous other celebrities and Hollywood power players became implicated in one PR nightmare after another.

Romi continued talking about her other sexual escapades and narrated the time when “Robbie Williams bent her over in the bathroom at Hyde and performed inpromptu anal sex.” Romi confessed to an “ongoing oral relationship with members of the rock group System of a Down.” Then came the most shocking and equally A-List story she revealed. Romi said that the morning following Paris Hilton’s birthday party at the young star’s house, she awoke naked in bed with Billy Corgan, Paris, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

As she exhaled the cigarette she’d just bummed off me, Romi told me about her steamy nights with Butch Walker. Naturally, it was another case of “we would totally be married…. If not for his wife!”

Another typical Romi story involves the frequent threesomes she has with Matt (the son of the guitar player for the band America) and the ex-wife of Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver). When Matt bailed out one Friday night, the two girls decided to stay and continue their drug-fueled kinky orgy. Romi returned from the weekend black and blue, bruised over her entire backside and beyond. Romi said, “I will never see Weiland’s ex again.”

Romi said Maroon 5 “ran a train” on her – yes, she actually said this! For any innocents reading this, “ran a train” means to be used sexually by consecutive people.

Romi went on to declare how the owner of Bar Lubitsch on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood would take her in the broom closet so she could perform fellatio on him while the bar was at full capacity.

She very often talks of Pete Wentz from the group Fallout Boy, who may be the one person she did not sleep with, but who certainly was at the epicenter of a network Romi continually exploited. Romi’s best friend was the assistant to Pete Wentz and Romi obviously did not exhibit any loyalty to her friend.

Romi explained how she found Jessica Simpson’s prescription for Valtrex (herpes medication) in Wentz’ car. She described how Ashlee Simpson had used Wentz’ car and picked up the prescription for Jessica. Romi gave further details about how “Dane Cook had passed herpes to Jessica when they were dating.” Shockingly, Romi rattled off names of others who she believes to be infected with herpes, like “Paris, the Madden boys, Pam Anderson, Adam Levine, Colin Farrell, Moby, Tawny Kitaen, and Britney Spears.”

Romi said she regularly volunteers to take friends or associates to the airport and then uses their vehicles until they returned. She says she is forced to do this since her car was repossessed in late 2007.

According to Romi, at the time of our talk, her current relationship situation was having sex with Jess (DJ from Saints & Sinners) and his best friend, Nathan Hamill (son to beloved Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill) Romi often mistakenly (or perhaps intentionally) calls them by the name of the other. Romi assumed that she was getting between these two close friends, but later realized that like most Hollywood flings, it’s all about the sex.

Additionally, Romi claims she was involved in a sexual relationship with a camera guy named Steve from the MTV show The Hills. In early August 2008, Maggorno claimed she was pregnant by the camera guy. You do not have to be a detective to assume how difficult it might be difficult to deduce who the father could be, but Romi was sure she knew exactly who it was. Her reasoning was that, “Nathan and Jess were only engaging in anal sex with me” while, “me and [the camera guy] were having unprotected vaginal sex.”

Romi told friends that the camera guy” had revealed to her that he “had a trust fund” and that they “would keep the baby and live happily together.” Less than a week later, Romi’s camera dude told her that he had another girlfriend who “is a cutter” and if he “breaks up with her she will cut herself.” Of course there was no more talk of babies and families.

Romi’s friends and close confidants later revealed that when she claimed to be pregnant and was telling certain people she was not drinking and starting prenatal care, she was actually out drinking and using drugs with friends and clients (Golden Brooks included).

At the time of our interview, Romi’s electricity has been turned off for lack of payment. Her then neighbor confirmed she was using his shower due to the lack of hot water at her place.

Romi sighed when she said she was broke and needed money. However, she’d attempted to make good by trying to sell the Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson engagement story to the tabloids. Romi had supposedly uncovered the story of Wentz’ proposal to Ashlee Simpson and the fact that Ashlee was pregnant before the public or most others knew. She apparently even knew that Wentz would propose to Ashlee. Romi claimed that Wentz’ assistant, Rebecca and Romi’s best friend had gone with Wentz to get the ring.

Romi had tried in vain to sell the story to the tabloids for $500. According to Romi, she had a deal or at least direct contact with US Weekly for her supply of inside anonymous information and US Weekly would give her $500. Unfortunately, Romi found out that Ashlee’s cousin sold the story and subsequently beat Romi to the chase, so Romi never got the money.

But Romi cashed in on many others’ inside information she was privy to as a Hollywood publicist. Romi has no qualms about continually (although anonymously) leaking gossip and starting rumors about celebrities she came in contact with through work and friends.

A close friend of Romi’s reports that Romi has “sold many stories about Audrina Patridge from The Hills.” Audrina was someone whom Romi was trying to pursue as a client. Romi knew Audrina for about a year, and still was unable to crack her for further access.

After meeting Audrina’s sister, Romi realized cozying up to her was her best move, and said, “the sister was a weaker target and would eventually provide deeper access to Audrina.” Romi even asked me once to drive her somewhere south of LA, promising access to an indie rock concert claiming we were going to “hang-out with Audrina’s sister and her Orange County MX racer friends.”

One day, Romi explained how excited she was to find out there was a guest house at Audrina’s new place and how she had to work quickly if she wanted to get her hands on it. Romi then claimed she regularly supplied Audrina with cocaine, saying, “not only do I carry the drugs for Audrina but I also frequently sell it to her for free stash.” Romi elaborated on the beach house and the 4th of July 2008 party being filmed for the The Hills and how she was forced to go back and forth between that house and the DKNY house to ferry drugs back and forth to the reality show star. As of December 2008, another source reports that according to Romi, she is now supplying Audrina with Hydrocodone and Oxycontin as well.

The article is very long, but if you’re interested, you can read the rest here.

11 responses to “Rumor: Audrina is Involved with Bad People & Bad Activities

  1. lora January 18, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    i don’t believe the Audrina stuff or anything else that comes out of this girl’s mouth. Romi is clearly demented and Lord knows on what type of drugs. I mean seriously who lives without electricity and water and survives by showering at their neighbors place? wtf?!! And all that theft. Sorry if someone will steal from you they will just as easily lie to you.

  2. Sam January 19, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    This girl Romi is crazy. I don’t think people could make this stuff up. But Romi is in all likelihood lying on these people

  3. Erin January 20, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    Well…she does hang out with Justin Bobby. Remember when he told her she was on “hallucinogens”. She’s probably TRIED them at least

  4. Tracii January 22, 2009 at 8:39 am

    I hope this isn’t true. Her nude pics were enough “scandal” for her

  5. Lauren January 22, 2009 at 10:31 am

    She has been really annoying lately. She pissed me off with the lauren justin bobby thing

  6. lisa March 24, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Such distasteful behavior and Shame on you M.T.V because this type of malice conduct on your part for printing such TRASH and lies regaurding Audrina Patridge. This kind of rude and stupid gossipp here only proves why you lost Audrina in the first place. She is a well loved and beautiful person inside and out. Hollywood and the T.V ,Movie,and Music Industries today are swarmmed with people as you speak of here, this Romi may or may not at some time Crossed paths with Audrina, truth is even crossed paths with you, doesnt seem at all, justified to attack Audrina with such acusations as a drug addict!Guilty by association– that doesnt even fit. Ha Ha makes me laugh to see the rubbish in word press or mtv site sponsered. Audrina Patridge is a very healthy, high provile actress today , I see her often everywhere, No Way can you sleep at night talking shit on her as you do. Congradulations Audrina, in your new walk of life AWAY FROM CREEPS IN MTV CIRCLES. I love her dearly and have been one of her biggest fans, She is a fantastic person, We who know and adore her , totally support 100% the truth, Audrina is not the person this Hills2fans is talking about. Take these lies and this horrible gossipp and stick it up your asses.

  7. Harold March 24, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    Right On.. Stick it up your ass. A bunch of bullshit. Audrina Rocks, Love her to death.

  8. mike n jenny March 24, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    Go Audrina, We love you sweetie. Hope you read this, right on again to lisa.

  9. mandy March 24, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    Liars. Liars … what a efffed up piece of trash, Dont write that shtt about Audrina, Later to this site.

  10. Jimmey March 24, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    That Romi has nothing in common with Audrina, hell everyone meets losers like that in life, She may or may not exsist but I will bet $1000.000 she dont hang out with hills baby today. Audrina is smart and if she ever found out people around her were on that crap. Audrina would rid herself of them asap.

  11. Sara March 25, 2009 at 6:28 am

    You all need to relax. They only posted what was out there and took no side on it except saying Audrina’s probably not a druggy. I agree Audrina’s not a cocaine addict like Romi says, but who knows if she’s gotten caught up with this Romi girl who seems crazy. It is Hollywood. Have any of you ever been in Hollywood? I have…bad people cling to celebrities like leeches. It doesn’t mean Audrina’s a bad person

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